Father of us in the heavens, let be sanctified the name of You. Let come the kingdom of You; let be done the will of You, as in Heaven, also on the earth. The bread of us daily, give to us today, and forgive us the debts of us, as also we forgive the debtors of us. And not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil; because of You is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory to the ages. In [On] the Name[sake] of YHVH's CHRIST, Yeshua - the HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK FOREEVER AND EVER, ([Amen.]) I A-MAN.

Most must make free-will deciding choices - these are life experiences, hot - cold -or, lukewarm.

EPILOGUE, REVELATION 22:6-21; Words of Comfort, REVELATION 22:6-17 (excerpt): [REVELATION 22:11-13 (ILB)]he acting unjustly Let him act unjustly Still; For the filthy, Let Be filthy Still; For The [R]ighteous, Righteousness action; and [T]he [H]oly, Let [H]im [B]e [H]oly Still. And Behold, I AM Coming Quickly And My Reward With Me, To Render To Each As the work of him is. I AM The Alpha And The Omega, The Head And Ending, The First And The Last.[ ]

Grace To You, The LORD through HIS SON, CHRIST Jesus, Love You Always Friend[ly visitor], Pray [Y]ou Fare Well.


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[JEREMIAH 15:2 (ILB)]And it will be when they shall say to [Y]ou, Where shall we go? Then [Y]ou [W]ill [S]ay [T]o them, Thus SAYS YHWH: "THOSE WHO FOR DEATH, TO DEATH; AND TO THOSE FOR THE SWORD, TO THE SWORD; AND THOSE FOR THE FAMINE, TO THE FAMINE; AND THOSE FOR THE CAPTIVITY, TO THE CAPTIVITY.".[ ]

That's right [Family Worship Center] DONNIE SWAGGART (OH! ... Quick 'Air' Mommie's Holy Ghost!) (an Ahab): It Is Not For Sale And Your Suave Wicked Unrighteousness Has I[NHERITANCE] [Not Your's (http://www.zpcs.co & http://www.melchizedek.co)] coveting, thieving, and notwithstanding murderous problems before T[HE] L[ORD]. [PROVERBS 30:20 (AKJV)][ ]. Be Baptized As In T[HE] W[ORD] - Repent [Family Worship Center] And S[CRIPTURE] H[OLY] [C]omplete [M]ake [G]ood A[MENDS].
That's right [Family Worship Center] DONNIE SWAGGART (OH! ... Quick 'Air' Mommie's Holy Ghost!) (an Ahab): It Is Not For Sale And Your Suave Wicked Unrighteousness Has I[NHERITANCE] [Not Your's (http://www.zpcs.co & http://www.melchizedek.co)] coveting, thieving, and notwithstanding murderous problems before T[HE] L[ORD]. [PROVERBS 30:20 (AKJV)] [ ]. Be Baptized As In T[HE] W[ORD] - Repent [Family Worship Center]
< !--Dish Network channel 257: sbn live sunday morning service broadcast airing with/by him (Ahab(/Jezebel) & Naboth) 24AV5778 (05AUG2018) sermon; "Proverbs 30:20"--> And S[CRIPTURE] H[OLY] [C]omplete [M]ake [G]ood A[MENDS]. < !--Dish Network channel 257: sbn FWC: Associate Pastor broadcast airing with/by David Borg (Esau & Jacob with mention of MATTHEW 13:44) 28AV5778 (09AUG2018) sermon; 2 TIMOTHY [3:1-5[6-9] The Peril of Apostasy]. Damage Control by sbn: Dish Network channel 257 (7:00pm-9:00pm): sbn Francis & Friends: "(OH! ... Quick 'Air' Mommie's Holy Ghost!)" 30AV5778 (11AUG2018) -->
G[OT] Your Attention?
... how smug ... GIRD UP Y[OUR] L[OINS]. (Mommie calls for a[n "Fifth Element - Ruby] commercial[...Commercial!], HAHAHAHAHAHA]) ... threatening premeditated murder, huh donnie ... [G]row [U]p ... some may say you have what is called "Hoof (foot)-in-Mouth" Disease - beasts are put down for that (8:44pm 11AUG2018). Thanks to you (8:55pm 11AUG2018 Damage Control 'Air' ends -that went well for the "Hoof (foot)-in-Mouth" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, bring ur bad-self on again anytime)< !-- There Is A ([W]itnessing) [S[ERMON]] In There - may be your personally best ever sermon, donnie --> < !--Damage Control by sbn: Dish Network channel 257 (schedule reveals: 11:00pm-12:00pm): sbn [Gabriel's Ministry (however, the speaker is not known -not that it matters right now) Crossfire Service]:... ... how protectively [[U]nderstandable for emotionally controlled families] smug ... - more "Damage Control" 11:10pm took notice of 'Airing' of[within] MATTHEW 7 ('judge not' sermon) ...[speaks for itself in damage control [as] sbn is experiencing to salvage what may be left after "Hoof (foot)-in-Mouth" donnie (now, the family[ies] involved sacrifice for more '"I like money" (the Movie: Idiocracy)')] ... Be Ready In And Out Of Season. should the 'Airing' be sincere (Respectively Deniable Due To [perpetuated] Generational Curse(s)) gabriel [W]ill [C]ome [C]lean [I]n [L]oving [Less his physical birth-linage [T]han [O]ur S[AVIOR], Yeshua] - A Lengthy Time Will Expose This 'Lovingless' In[T]hrough Yeshua. he H[AS] F[REE]-W[ILL] A[DVOCACY] T[O] B[ECOME] "([S]et a [P]art of [T]hose Apart)" should he [C]hoice [All-Around-In-All-Things (as he has a education, Right?)] [P]rudently [I]n [I]mmediacy (Apart From "The Lengthy Time") - he is yet a babe [(But, Currently, corrupted) but of a worldly age to be his own man]-->
< !--Really ... a [20 year Traveling] Preacher on the morning (probably better mentioned as the 'mourning') worship service (live) That Makes The day's reference as to it Being Currently "Tonight" not "This Morning" ... Where is the Truth [in That Speaker]? ... This Type of Abandonment of Truth (apostasy) is The [Partial] Pattern of '"I like money" (the Movie: Idiocracy)'. Later on, in Showmanship, From[of] The Speaker it Comes Forth As the current time of His Speaking Is "this morning". ... suffering: Derision(s) and Delusion(s). (this is just one small example of [L]istening to what was spoken and proofing it (In and Out of Season - Be Ready) versably compared to hearing what you desire to hear (tickling your ear)). At Least sbn Got To Actuality of The[ir] 'Persecuted [C]hurch (ZION'S PRESERVED CHURCH SERVICES)' Correct from, T[HIS] L[ESSON] (C[URRENTLY] B[EING] M[ANIFEST]), Persecuted Exercise Drawn Against http://www.zpcs.co & http://www.melchizedek.co. And, Yet, They Persist To Exasperatingly Continue The [PROVERBS 30:20 (AKJV)][ ] NATURAL Attitude (They PREY A-gain[st] your W[EALTH] ([I]identity And [A]ll-[S]ort(s)-[O]f-[F]inancial [G]ain) And Continue To Covet, Thieve And Provision Murderous Avenue Against ZPCS). Viewing the 'Persecuted [C]hurch' Charred [B]odies Is Your [Perverse] Forte' donnie (No Doubt - PERPETUAL Learned Behavior Of Your Father). ... 'would've' - 'should've' - 'could've' - 'will do' Is Only PREVALENTLY Directed In[to] Your GROSS PERVERSION. Swaggart[ian]'s LONGSUFFERING I AM TILL 'TO THE DUST ... THAT I AM M[INDFUL OF] AND VISIT' - IT IS MY LOVING PLEASURE: [LONGLIVED OR SHORTLIVED] HOLY RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY JUSTIFIED SOVERIGNLY EXECUTED HOLY JUDGMENT. I AM EVERYTHING UNSEEN AND SEEN - UNSENSED AND SENSED - UNHEARD AND HEARD PAST, NOW, AND, TO COME ... I OWN. 01ELUL5778 (12AUG2018)-->
[ISAIAH 43:1-44:28 (AKJV)] [ ]. Not Do CONCEIT YOURSELVES ABOVE Swaggart[ian]'s.
[ZACHARIAH 9:1-14:21 (AKJV)][ ].
You Can Not Be Forgiven Without [A] Disciplined Obedience Belief (D.O.B.) ... R[EWARD] Is A Compounded W[ORD] ... But You Were Made Be Taught By Your Father And Nurtured By His Wife. In Your Determined Stance You Have Your Reward[ing] In willfully exercised D[IVINELY] G[IVEN] F[REE] W[ILL]. COME HOME [Wayward] [C]hild[ren] (i.e., [MATTHEW 6:[31-32,]33; LUKE 12:[29-30,]31-34 (AKJV)] [ ])...

... 'blow out all four tires' - I Believe Not, But ... [2 THESSALONIANS 2:11[-12] notwithstanding 2 TIMOTHY 4:4 For 'TITUS 1:13-14[,15-16]' (AKJV)][ ] - Yes.
Check it out - Kenneth Copeland, Jimmy Swaggart, John Hagee (do not forget to Give/Get a Reach Around To/From (or - From/To) YOUR [MAMMON WORSHIPING] PARTNERS/CRONIES).
[JAMES 3:1[-4] (AKJV)] [ ]. men do rob YHVH, John Hagee ([D]ispositioning a boy, [H]is [S]on, to do [H]is Wicked Bidding) ... A [perpetuated] Generational Curse ...
caught anything Joyce? oh, a thief's hardened mocking heart - okay ... Houston still has unresolved problems - Look at the [figuratively speaking] Cockroaches (Praiahs) To T[HE] G[ODHEAD], Who Are Araid To Be Seen With[in] A Friend < !--Dish Network channel 258: HILLS[ong] broadcast airing (02ELUL5778 (4:30pm-5:00pm 13AUG2018)); Paul Daughtery: Speaks To 'RELEASE THE SECRET WEAPON (From The Series: OPEN HAND)'. They Pervertingly Twist For The[ir] PARTNERED BENEFIT NOT yours. see: [JOEL 2:[1-2,]3 (A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: ..., and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.) [,4-11] (AKJV)][ ]. Yes, They Want To Argue About It (cause strife by vain ramblings to distract from T[HE] W[ORD]) Rather Than Do It. THEY ARE COMING INTO your woodwork walls [attempting] Faster And More Determined Than Before. They go from bad to worse, see: [2 TIMOTHY 3:[10-12,]13[,14-17] (AKJV)][ ]. Just Get Out And Away Of Them - an Example of This (bad to worse) Was Dish Network channel 260: TBN broadcast airing (02ELUL5778 (6:00pm-6:30pm 13AUG2018)); New Season Samuel Rodriquez: really [Greek] Siren[ing] and the tale of The Pied Piper foolishness. That is correct T.D. Jakes 'you don't become a success [in the world] by accident . It is becoming a success in the world through lying, stealing, cheating, murdering the opposition. I K[ILL] B[Y] T[HE] S[WORD]. teach Yourself T.D. JAKES From Instruction And Guidance (it is a given 'one can only teach themselves if one is receptive to instruction and guidance - get [R]eal. 'I don't need revelation if i have information' (you state) The [I]nheritance is not yours "[donnie]T.D.JAKES" (The Potter's Touch 'Airing" 6:30pm-7:00pm 13AUG2018 dish 260 TBN).
Okay that is enough for now I'm cleaning this up for proper 'Internet Viewing .... 02ELUL5778 (6:44PM (CTZ) 13AUG2018) --> G[OT] Your Attention?
...OR NOT!

S[UMMER] [C[OURAGEOUSLY AND] P[RUDENTLY] B[OLD]] S[HEPHERD]: [I][NTEGRITY]. I A-MAN (after all - ([A]) [M]an is [O]nly [A]s [G]ood As HIS W[ORD] ...)
Summer Shepherd: BE PATIENT, Step-by-Step, Yard-by-Yard And The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Will Be Accomplished.
... this is but [O]ne of many [F]ootprints (out of the sand)

[PROVERBS 28:[1-8,]9[,10-28] (AKJV)] [ ].

... It is foolishness to BATTLE with the unarmed - you WERE BEING ARMED; choose wisely N[OW] the weapon S[ET] B[EFORE] [of L[IFE] or of Death].
Remember: (Take These Excerpted PROVERBS (26-29) With Weight Or The JUDGMENTS W[ILL] M[ANIFEST] -) [PROVERBS 19:26-29 (AKJV)] [ ]. R[IGHT] N[OW]! - BUFFOON(S) Swaggart[arian]'s - utter complete fool(s): Step-By-Step or Lash-By-Lash (Instruction or Chastisement Holy Divine). ... some receive [A L[ESSON]] quicker than others having eyes to see and ears to hear ... understand - try (at least to bumblingly grasp): The A[DVENT[URE] OF] [HEBREWS 11:1-13:19 (AKJV)] [ ] hinges into the reality in [HEBREWS 1:3 (AKJV)] [ ] for[e]within of [HEBREWS 10:10 & 12 (AKJV)] [ ] ... minimally. Adhere to [PROVERBS 3:5-7 (AKJV)](i.e., as a[n] impressionable/teachable child would wondrously receive)[ ].
Here Is For Reception: W[ORKS] [I]n[of] F[AITH] Not [F]aith [i]n[of] [works]. ... anyone [W]hosoever ... Kenneth Copeland would do well not to [G]rin [A]nd [A]ttempt [H]is [C]ontemplation(s) Lest [I]t Turn Into A[n] Everlasting [G]rimace ... Be Baptized As In T[HE] W[ORD] - Repent And S[CRIPTURE] H[OLY] [C]omplete [M]ake [G]ood A[MENDS].
... poor Keith (Live Your Faith (with a door Mat[t]))Butler and partners ... yes, [H]e had to keep [H]is mind - Sober. ... hahahahahahaha ... run with wolves and you can expect to be eaten by them ... hahahahahahaha ... what a debacle (pit) [Y]ou's have made for [Y]ourselves ... hahahahahahaha ...

who's N[EXT]? Better Is The Truth spoken by one Rather Than T[HE] W[ORD] ... (Conviction vs. CONDEMNATION ... GIRD UP Y[OUR] L[OINS] send your emissary.) ... remember chance favors the pre[im]pa[i]red ... there is [[S]till] Time for S[UMMER] Fun! Come [R]ecognize[d B[Y]] T[HE] W[ORD'S] P[LEASURE] ...

Again, preambulatoraly, raise the pulpit's voice as to the several housed within[of] your worship before T[HE] W[ORD].

... Meanwhile back at The Camp ... ... The double-souled (double-minded) FALSE PREACHERS/TEACHERS/EVANGELISTS/and ETCETERAS ([JAMES 1:[1-4,]5-8[,9-12] (AKJV)][ ]) Are Now Displaying The[ir] "Change of Tune" In Approach ([PROVERBS 26:24-26 (AKJV)][ ]), since "Hoof (foot)-in-Mouth" donnie (above), To Gain Confidence From [Y]ou. Do Not Be [F]ooled or [D]istressed [A]t Them That Are of The PERVERSE ('"I like money" (the Movie: Idiocracy)') - [S]imply [A]dhere [S]tately to "No [T]hanks - I [F]ollow [T]he [Example [O]f [M]y H[OLY] S[CRIPTURE] S[AVIOR], Yeshua (Jesus) [A]s you [S]hould." and [T]urn [Y]our [T]elevision [T]o another channel, or, [D]ismiss Them [F]rom [Y]our [P]resence [B]y [H]anging-up [Y]our [T]elephone (or [J]ust [H]ang-up - It Is Not Rude) [T]o [K]eep [Y]ourself [F]rom Their WICKED EVILNESS [W]ith [N]o [[F]urther] [E]xplaination. Dismiss Them (They Are The Rude And Obnoxious Detestable Abomination. Use [D]eployed [C]ommon [S]ense - just like [Y]ou [A]re [A]ware fire burns and consumes and leaves ashes. Remember DISCERNINGLY: As [Y]ou [K]now [Y]our [O]wn[ed] [H]eart - [Y]ou [C]an [O]nly [A]nswer [I]n[[F]or] [Y]ourself [A]s [Y]ou [K]now [N]ot anothers heart and no one else can speak for another [F]rom [H]eart. [T]ry [A]nd [T]est In[over] Time [B]efore [Y]ou [C]ommit [[A]-gain [F]rom[Of] [Y]ou].< !--01ELUL5778 - Fourth Watch (4:59AM 12AUG2018)-->

[P]raise [I]n Wholeness T[HE] L[OVINGKINDESS OF] T[HE] L[ORD]. In [On] the Name[sake] of G[OD'S] CHRIST, Yeshua - GREAT HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK FOREEVER AND EVER, ([Amen.]) I A-MAN

Some[One]Thing(s) quite [non-prestiditationally] cool
ZPCS ...

γίνομαι Περίεργο
( שומר היקום מגן עלינו מפני כוחות הרשע )
So ... Start Reading AKJV (You Americans) (House of ISRAEL) Be Anxious For No Thing And Fear Not ...

hillary rodham-clinton BE SILIENT (PRACTICING (jezebel: bringing it in to modernism(s)) OCCULT LUCIFERIAN)! TREASONOUS EVIL you. GRIMACER!
ASSEMBLE YOUR [BAAL] PRIESTS, jezebel, THIS (14 ELUL 5778) IS TO SETTLE. (the darkest minds - hoooliwoood's lastest new realease movie - DEEP[ER] STATE MINDLESS SHANANIGANZE)
PREPARE[[D] [I AM]] FOR MY REPUBLIC TRUMP CARD ... Donald, Stand Back And Watch
JOHN 20:[26A (EIGHTH DAY)[26B-30][21:1-4]5 (AKJV)][ WMV2000P.[BAD.ORD.ELUL5778] ] )
those who not will do by T[HE] [C[OMMANDED]] L[AW] W[ILL] P[ERISH] B[Y] T[HE] [C[OMMANDED]] L[AW'S] WILL.
Worship YHVH Through Yeshua HaMashiach ... THE FATHER'S FIGURE (OF) FAITH.
... Meanwhile back at The Camp ... ... what is up with ALL The[ir] (COWARDS) [DUMPED ARID-]sand-castles?
[PROVERBS 28:26 (AKJV)](i.e., it is The[ir] SHORTLIVED having refused T[HE] C[ALLING] - (most were never C[ALLED] ... derisioned deluded's)[ ] < !-- Say Goodnight Gracie! (The Show's Over ....) Oh It Was not what you were [made] taught in your churches by your leaders that you followed into your destruction ... not like you were not given a decent avenue. Nope ... but you can stand (momently before THE WHITE THRONE AND EXPERIENCE WHAT you wished for at the Brief Moment before ... well you know - ETERNAL SEPARATION). -Would you like some Wisconsin [Real Badger] Cheese with your w[h]ine? ... Limburger or American? No Cheddar. -->
< !-- ZPCS In The Rough (Soaring Fly): [donnie] chooses Limburger (approx. 10:10PM: 'he loves history and the two most in history that he centers his reading on (in) is Martin Luther and Churchill (should have chose American - HIS[[S]TORY] THE HOLY SCRIPTURES by his own "Hoof (foot)-in-Mouth" Disease (03ELUL 5778 - sbn Donnie Swaggart 'Airing" 9:00pm-11:00pm 13AUG2018 Dish Network 257 SBN) the man is just a beast with defense-threatening words of Winston Churchill ... absolutely everything (murderous pre-mediation in the works)) (10:22PM 03 ELUL 5778 he is frothing just like the man in the cemetery possessed by "legion". Look for Yeshua man in the cemetery and run to H[IM] 10:26PM 03 ELUL 5778)).-->(... well, you are no 'Road Runner', Wile E. Coyote ... Do Not go out on the limb (and cut the outer limb that that Road Runner is standing on ... you should stop ordering from ACME (Pah' leeease ... F&F sbn (14AUG2018 Laughing So Hard [M]y Sides Hurt - ([M]orning And Now [E]vening ... two-times (Laughter Is So [G]ood For T[HE] S[PIRIT])))) Seriously (Now) - C'mon! all of you's are tickling ears ... Stop it. [) (you's are becoming Monte Python's: "Holy Grail" 'Black Knight' ...) ... again on 15AUG2018 F&F 'alot of "I don't knows about Jesus and the Good News" out of Francis (who has been FOLLOWING HER jesus nearly all her life). (the Panel Preachers - unlearned (most likely ill-educated. 'I Like Money - Idiocracy' though ...))
< !-- ZPCS In The Rough (Soaring Fly): Come clean RODNEY HOWARD-BROWNE 03 ELUL 5778 (Great Awakening (showmanship type of T.D. Jakes - only slicker) 'Airing" 10:30pm-11:30pm 13AUG2018 Dish Network 267 CTN ) 10:45PM 13AUG2018 (and through the showmanship)... It Is Operating Right Now RODNEY HOWARD-BROWNE) he states he is "impatient" laughs for T[HE] L[ORD] have mercy ... Yes, you WERE B[UILT] FOR THIS. POTTER TO the clay (Off the spinning wheel goes the ruined into a lump). 10:58PM (That Is Enough For The New Day.)--> < !-- must have sensed (received) "a cut the sottish crap 'ZPCS Is Present' signal" - 11:02PM his mouth changes tune during a 'pitch black outside in FLORIDA' showmanship 'Airing'. (11:15PM the 'Airing' changes to a recorded [daylight] 'altar call')--> 11:21PM: (RODNEY HOWARD-BROWNE interrupted the "10:58PM (That Is Enough For The New Day.)). Is That Enough Mercy For you, RODNEY HOWARD-BROWNE. (11:25PM)-->... Well The MAMMON BUSYNESS MAN finally picked up a hammer (Now Is he going to continue destroying with his limited fists or [R]ightfully [B]uild An Operation Fresh-Start? (04 ELUL 5778 6:30PM-7:00PM tbn 15AUG2018: (T.d. jakes Ask Loren (the Swaggartarian) the painter about his right-hand ... Get Together - you two young men - [C[OME],] Not Do mis-opportune This [ARK]))) Negotiate your craft Carefully University of Northwestern - St.Paul - Ministry Outreach (102.5 FM MADISON, WI) ... May Be you forgot mentionable Definition of: posses (and its variants ... amongst other seldom used [[A]ppropriately And] [C]ORRECT[LY] W[ORDS]). RODNEY HOWARD-BROWNE Are you Developing "Hoof (foot)-in-Mouth" Too (How Are you Feeling? nauseated ... you have Been 'Airingly (your PAST[U/(O)]RING Atmosphere(s) round-about you)' Appearing pale And Really sickly-peaked And you Are shakely-trembling. I A[M] C[ONCERNED]. (...The Great Awakening (re-run 'Airing" 10:30pm-11:30pm 15AUG2018 Dish Network 267) 10:53PM 15AUG2018))? (05 ELUL 5778 (10:53PM 15AUG2018) ... May Be you Should Lie Down, (Before you Need To Be Put Down To[In] Sedated [[appearing] Peaceful]) Rest).

THIS IS FOR MY NAMESAKE - Not you derision deluded greedy-crumb thieves all. My Sheep Know My Voice. It Is M[Y RECONCILIATION] M[INISTRY] - not any ministering claim(s) you's in any fashion. Pitied Such sottish INSOLENCE Until Now! that insolent behavior you's 'Correct' or 'Separate In Ceasing'.
NAKED Against The Wall Dirty And Dribbled ... sandal-shod [counter.point] johnathan cahn & associate(s) mingling(s) partner(s) (you's assemble yourselves (perjuring[ly] to laying in utterly complete [concerted and/or orchestrated] pettifoggery (ask Jay Sekulow) to Subvert a[n] REVELATED GOSPEL MESSAGE [Purposeful Proprietorial Compassionate[ly Delivered] IMPARTED TRUTH] Into A 'Message Of Hope (a Sekulowed Shyster[ly] Argument[al])' That Is ILL-Consumerly Processed As Federally Employed ((Legally ('Case Law[ed]' not Lawfully (Case[d]-At-Law)) being pervertedly Subjugated To Carnal[ized] Merchandise[d]-For-[Explicit Personsal-]Profit Within A[n] Legal[ized Federal] Non-Profit( I.R.S. 501(C)(3) STATUSED) guise Against Reserved Right(s).)))). How About Working In Faith To The End(s of) POSSESSING THE TRUTH [being not deeply-rooted faith-in-works]? <<= <<= preceeding(s) may contain un-noticed err(s), typo(s), grammatical(s) and/or like(s)-in-kind(s) - or Not.
... Meanwhile back at The Camp ... ... what is up with the common [sincerity] voiced-phrase inclusion of 'may you rest in peace' from [wayne t. jackson's] IMPACT [Network 2:00AM previous to a 'Louada Rascke Ministries (2:00am-2:30am Dish Network Channel 268 IMPACT, Sat8/18' 'Airing')] to a[n[y]] [happening-stanced-]viewer of the Network at that moment - ...pondering impart: is a point-to-foreknowledge of a departed state[ment] at individual(s) ... hmmm - very plausible - but, not for [sufficient[cy to]] denegation of plausible denial in[of] and/or of[in] pre-meditation[al] knowledgeable act[ion](s) concerted/orchestrated by/through/in origin.) ... it is mulled in and/or of and/or by-candor through-over to cand ... '[PSALM 139:[1-11,]12[,13-24] (AKJV)][ (i.e., [JOB 34:21 & 22][ ] )][ ]' ... jentezen - arrows that are sharp tipped and shaped and given flight from bow are misguided (crooked shot) without feathers (miss the intended target every-time ... GRINNING And you [S]ould Too ([F]eather [I]t).). stone(s) do not have THE ABILITY TO THINK and nor does man. REASONABLE CONSCIOUSNESS WAS CREATED IN MAN TO FOLLOW [IN THROUGH] THE W[ORD] OF THE CREATOR, However In FALLEN-MAN one believes he can [how-ever] think. CONSCIOUSLY REASON A[N] IMPART[ATION OF REVELATION] FROM OF THE FATHER ON HIGH. you's Are Welcome[d] ... ... Homer Simpson( is a cartoon - Doh)! ... Hahahaha, children in the backyard sandbox
Go, Preach THE GOSPEL To All In The World .. That None Should Perish For The Lack Of K[NOWLEDGE] - But, Have E[VERLASTING] L[IFE] A[BUNDANTLY]. L[OVE] One Another Just As I Have L[OVED] You. (T[HE] P[ROPHESING] T[O] T[HE] D[RY] B[ONES] A[CT[ION]S] ... ZPCS'S/Melchizedek's: S[CHOOL] O[F] P[ROPHETS] (ELUL 5778)) REMEMBER: If One Honors An Act Of Wickness One Into Wickedness Is Consumed. N[OT] D[O] B[E] D[ISHONORABLY] C[ONSUMED] I[N] T[HE] D[AY] PREPARED. ... ([I]t [I]s [A]ppearing - there is SOME SABBATICAL RELIEF SOJOURNEYING OCCURING ... are you [P]articipant [T]o [RE]markable [R]elief?) ... 'Think Tanks' (Not 'Think Snow' (- you skiers)). ... Should Neighborhood Children Having A Sporting Event Arriving Inappropriately Dressed And Improperly Equipped Is A No-No.

STOP IT! W[ELL] T[HEN] - Come Back, REPENT for your own sake(s) ... T[HE] D[AY] PREPARED LOOMS.
kenneth copeland BE SILIENT (PRACTICING (bringing it in to modernism(s)) OCCULT LUCIFERIAN)! manipulative you WERE PREVIOUSLY WARNED ... GRIMACER!
([hu]man ministry: [hu]manistry = synonymous with (DENOMINATIONAL) RELIGION(S) (traditions of men only usurping THE FATHER'S SOVEREIGN KINGDOM [ON T[HE] E[ARTH]]))
Does one understand now( why prayers seem to go unanswered and the A[GE] is in the condition it is in)?

are going They to be Swarming out of 'The Secret [WOODWORK [FAITH]] Place(s)' to salvage Themselves - Disguising Themselves Into T[HE] O[RDER OF] M[ELCHIZEDEK] OverNight [Borrowed (but Actually Previously Thieved ZPCS/Melchizedek (Website(s)) [I]nheritance)] Extension(s) and/or A[Venue(s)]. They are Lazy 'Flim-Flam Con-Artists' or just 'Welfare-For-Themselves Rip-Off's'. Not Do Listen To Them - They Are Rude And Abominable Detestable Destroyers. Let them get a[n actual] job and live as they ought to. T[HE] B[LESSING(S)] A[RE] FREE AND NOT CAN BE EXCHANGED BY 'money' To Secure. [C]all [U]pon THE FATHER Through T[HE] A[NOINTED] Yeshua (Jesus). Remember, should you Support The [hu]manistry You Are Following The[IR] jesus (Money And Onto Death ETERNAL In Forsaking THE FATHER, THE SON, AND, THE HOLY SPIRIT (... is that right john hagee and/or son?)). [1 CORINTHIANS 1:18-2:5[,6-16,][3:1-9,][(3:)10-4:5] (AKJV) ][ ] [EZEKIEL 18:1-32 (AKJV)][ ] Nimrods [- do you feel M[E] nimie [PROVERBS 30:15-17 (AKJV)]smug procrastinators[ ] FORWARD!?]
NEVER [Again] DO FORWARD[NESS] ((Tempting) By Your 'Pushing Hoping luckiness') TO ME (NIMROD'S REPENT)
[how long] FROM WHENCE [AHEM - you's know ... [easier it is for a camel ... EGYPT] I KNOW "[PSALM 11:4 & PROVERBS 13:22 (AKJV)][ ]" AND LOOSELY SAY] 'receive Instruction And/Or Guidance [From Which one does become] [L]earned' and since [G]ive [T]he [T]ithe(s), [O]ffering(s), [A]nd, [G]ift(s) Do [[[D]is][C]hargeable debt] have you? ..."[LUKE 18:8 (AKJV)][ ]"

[MATTHEW 17:[24-26,]27 (AKJV)][ ] [JOHN 20:[[1-10][[11-16,]17[,18]],][19-25] (AKJV)][ ]
'[T]he [S]teps [O]f A [G]ood MAN ARE ORDERED BY T[HE] L[ORD]'[ - Not men] that is correct. Remember [ISAIAH 43:26][ ] [P]lace T[HE] L[ORD] - not men.

< !-- ZPCS In The Rough (Soaring Fly): (Enjoying Everyday Life/Meyer 'Airing' 11:30pm-12:00pm 13AUG2018 Dish Network 263 DYSTR) 03 ELUL 5778: Some Mercy For you Too, joyce. your choice ... (11:38PM 13AUG2018)--> < !-- ZPCS In The Rough (Soaring Fly): 04 ELUL 5778: ... joyce No. you, But, have to livingly spend [your life]time With[of[in]] for yourself ... decision(s) you make - you live [with].--> < !-- I [Re]commend AKJV (4:19AM 15AUG2018 (... Milwaukee, WI - only your own three parts ... (5:36AM ...There is a [H[I(S )S]]tory behind that not [W]itnessed ([Y]et) [T]o you about that visit to Wisconsin.)))-->
A lot of (Ishtar Worshiping and MAMMON Worshiping) fatted rabbits located ...
Pondering A 'Max' IMPACT Before A S[TRIKE] Amongst The Parsl[e]y That Hides ... (Ahem - Pariah[ dogs] ... Not Do bring down "T[HE]
[W[ORD OF] G[OD]]") ...
Jericho did not [R]epent - Nineveh [R]epented - Remember: Pharaoh named his own 'L[AST] O[F] T[HE] TEN PLAGUES' That Became Next (and last - document those grassroots) ...

Ten virgins, Verily, which one are you? 4,5,1,9,6,8,7,2,10, or 3?, or
Ten virgins, Verily, which one are you? 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1, or 1?, or
Ten virgins, Verily, which one are you? 1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5, or 1/5?, or
Ten virgins, Verily, which one are you? [5 of 5] or [5 of 5]?, or
Ten virgins, Verily, which one are you? [5 of 10] or [5 of 10]?
... many have {a} voice(s) in the mind - is yours wholly discerning (worldly or spiritual?)? ... [re]proofed are you ...