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THE SALVATION OF THE SERVANT - MESSIAH, ISAIAH 49:1-57:21; The Servant Commissioned, ISAIAH 49:1-26 (excerpt); [ISAIAH 49:1-4 (ILB)]Hear, Coasts To Me, Prick Up The Ear, Peoples From Afar; YHVH From The Womb Called Me; From Belly My Mother's He Mentioned My Name. And He Made My Mouth Like A Sword Sharp; In Shadow His Hand's He Hid Me, And Made Me For An Arrow Polished; In His Quiver He Hid Me. And Said He To Me: "My Servant You, Israel, Whom In You I Shall Be Glorified.". Then I Pondered - For Emptiness I Have Labored; For Nothingness And In But For Breath, My Strength I Have Dispersed; Yet Surely My Consolation With YHWH And My Work With My C[REATOR].[ ]

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