The reason it is as it is is as those that you decided to direction you as you followed you still follow their lead. Are you going to wait for them to write another book for you to purchase about something they don't have a clue in or on or for or by or through or living or ... Is not it evident if you are confused and at a loss for bering(s) while having been led by someone you choicely followed is in the same place as you that you are both lost. You wanted to be in their pew so there in their pew you sit and they're still there watching the pew(s) become full? Are you really enveloped to be conscionably deaf, and/or, dumb, and/or, blind? They got you to where you are destinated that you allowed them to take you there. ... keep that fleshy trust in the flesh and the kingdom of God you'll never see but from the darkside of the Gulf In Paradise.
Hagee's are wrong about any one being "you're not in control". You are - choice you have - Lean To The Right One. not Do let Them Sway Away [Y]our Free Will - Beautiful, [Y]our [C]hoice.
... (Rejoice [busy-ness] boys, kKenny and Bud[ding] jJimmy -
See! all Them, Living The Good Life Butch[ered] Manna-fe[a]st Chickens, That Have Lost Their heads For You has Had Its Fleshed Advantage Then - keep it Bobbing Jeffress I [AM] Watching a slothful Morrised (duh) Staggering Swaggar[ting].
- Now [B]egin [T]o Empty yourself of YOURSELF AND COHORTING PARTNERS And Return To G[ODLY] Fellowship And [[AD][M]]inister [F]aithfully To ALL SCRIPTURE HOLY [R]everently And [A]wesomely.) ... Look and Listen to JAMES 3:1[-4]

Refresh Upon The Defined Facets of: "Compassion";
see also: PSALM 111:[1-3,]4[,5-10]; 78:[1-37,]38[,39-72]; 86:[1-14,]15[,16-17]; 112:[1-3,]4[,5-10]; 145:[1-7,]8[,9-21]; 18:1[,2-50].
[SELAH] EXODUS 33:[1-18,]19[,20-23]; JOB 24:[1-19,]20[,21-24]; ISAIAH 46:[1-2,]3[,4-13]; JUDGES 5:[1-29,]30[,31]; 1 KINGS 3:[1-25,]26[,27-28]; PSALM 40:[1-10,]11[,12-17].
[PROVERBS 25:2 (AKJV)]It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.[ ]

Be wary of those that are 'Leading The Way' by Speaking With The[ir] Worldly Tongue of [O]ur G[OD]. Examples of "those (smooth talkers in the Commercial Art Of Persuasion (hoodwinking))" could be as 'Markdum Ewes, BA.'; 'P.T. Jokes, Tm.WAhd.Phu. (too many worldly adulation honorary and doctorate degrees puffing him up - ONE OF THE MOST INSOLENT AND DISHONORABLE IMMATURE MOUTHS RISEN TO ROBBER-BARON STATUS OF ALL)'; 'Magnify Youself, Ph.D.'; 'Darius Denials, BA.Ps., M.Div., D.Min.'; 'Dr. Robin Poket' - if one has a Worldly Titled Minister the increased probability of one receiving a Worldly [busy-ness] S[atanic]P[reacher]Reading (SPReading) Message increases greatly in stead of a TRUE HOLY MESSAGE [A]nticipated [T]o [H]earingly [R]eceive. - should They Get The[ir] Message In one's, poor sot(s), mind Their Remains ITS WILL -and/or- ITS WILL There Remains. ... not Do believe you Those Receiving The Degree Not Knownly (not: knowingly - ignorance is no excuse) Speak In That Worldly Degree's Expectant Tongue?, And Bow To The[ir] WORLD[LY] Conferer.
Preachers Then, When N[OBODY] P[REACHES] The Instruction With Correction, Run In Wild[er]ness, Moved By GOD'S W[ORD]. ... I enjoy this, the winter, season of the year as it allows [M]e to B[E] W[ITNESS] as the Flood Of False Pretense (New Level) Preachers Spewing False Doctrine(s) They Claim As Being BIBLICAL TRUTHS. Would Not It Be Pleasent If The False Pretense (New Level) Preachers Actually Skimmed, Read, And Perused And Further Understood The Knowledge With[in[of]] The HOLY SRIPTURES? ... then But of those receptive to Mo[o]re Wild[er]ness there is no wisdom as to what has been given ... kinda like listening to a modern pre-programmed Hammond Organ (no talent and/or expertise necessary, just plug it in and flip the switch).

[PROVERBS 11:18 (ILB)]The Wicked Makes A Wage [In]of Falsehood; But [O[NE]] Sowing Righteousness - A Reward [In]of T[RUTH].[ ]
Thank You, The LORD through HIS SON, CHRIST Jesus, Love You Always Friend[ly visitor], Pray You Peace - of God.
Here below are the seven listed points (common to most everybody present on or about the earth) to a successful Christian Lifestyle And The Rewards That Come With It (SBN, Trunews talking-head(s) (i.e., Pretense) would do well to follow these listed points in[to] The kingdom of G[OD] - which ought be sought first (not prioritizing first the want of keeping-up-with-the-Joneses busy-ness problems created apart/separately from G[OD'S] W[ILL] - Person[al] Pride Is The Number One Draft Agent To the darkside of the Gulf In Paradise).)

  1. Locate The Scriptures Holy/Holy Bible amongst your possession(s)
  2. Pick-up The Scriptures Holy/Holy Bible with your appendage(s) most readily suited for the task
  3. Open The Scriptures Holy/Holy Bible
  4. Fix your eye(s) on the page to where The Scriptures Holy/Holy Bible was opened to
  5. Begin to skim, and/or, read, and/or, peruse the contents for knowledge to get an understanding whereby wisdom is attained (imparted from The LORD).
  6. When finished place The Scriptures Holy/Holy Bible in a convenient and accessible place.
  7. After a while repeat steps 1-7
    • ... it would not be a surprise if a physically blind/sightless person using braille to [A]cutely [A]ct [U]pon [T]he Truth and [P]reach to Preachers before one Preacher with physical sight will see ... There Will Be No Rod Sparing To Spoil ... Finished FATHER'S WILL ON THE TREE, THE LAMB OF GOD; EXISTS SINCE BEING RAISED THREE DAYS LATER UNTIL THE WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT, THE LION. ... [Y]ou Not Do Understand THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK (THE BLOOD COVENANT)? ... 1 Kings 20:[1-37,] 38-41[, 42-43] ... Look and Listen to JAMES 3:1[-4]; MALACHI 3:7-15 ... [W]atch [T]o [S]ee And [L]isten [T]o [H]ear How Fast Will The Worldly False Pretense Preacher(s) (WinstonDr. BILL WINSTON (A DOCTOR[ATE] CONSORTIUM MEMBER Type 'red dragon' OF REVELATION 12:3-4 GUILTY OF WILLFUL DEVOUROUS ASSAULT UPON 'THIS CHILD (ZPCS.CO AND MELCHIZEDEK.CO) USHERED FORTH FROM THIS THE (WISDOM'S) WOMB (REVELATION 12:1-9[, 10-12])' - BEST HE Can Conjure Up Against G[OD'S] W[ILL]) AMONGST WEAKER NETWORKED PARTNERS - Greater Shiloh Reveals Much about 'Two Ways') Incorporatively Change(s) Pretense Preaching(s) To Appearing [G]rowth (Angels of Darkness Transform Into Angels of Light - no big matter for Them, but, to the naive and/or weak and/or susceptible, etc. .. etc. Appearing Godly But Not At All In Anything G[ODLY] Being Therefore An Abomination To The G[ODHEAD].) Into THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK PRIEST[HOOD] By Cunning And Deceitful/Guised Tongue. Should Not Take Long For Them To Expose Themselves To [Y]ou Now With Mentioning THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK PRIEST[HOOD] For More Ill-gotten/Filthy-Lucre Gain ... Just [W]ithold [T]he [M]eans For More Ill-gotten/Filthy-Lucre Gain [F]rom Them ([R]esist And They Will Depart - Be Bold And Strong In S[PIRIT] ... [J]ust [S]ay "[N]o" And Do Not Allow Them To Attach-To/Prey-Upon [Y]our emotion(s)/feeling(s). They Are Very Smooth And Cunning In Deception(s) And Do Not Care At All About [Y]ou To Get The[ir] Way). HE/They come only to steal, slay, and destroy ... Sounding Good But Not Pure In [H]eart Lip Service Is All The Power Available To Such Pretensed Entities, poor sot(s) volunteering to be separate from L[OVE]. As It Is Written Here They Will Not - to speak is easy lameness or a whithering and leaves a lot to be discerned to a [K]nowledgeable And [U]nderstanding Mind of CHRIST, but to [E]ffectually [W]rite (Give And/Or Convey Perfomance To Affect) Requires WISDOM IMPARTED FROM ABOVE. ... LUKE 16:19-31. - [P]ray [T]o THE FATHER They really [S]ee The LIGHT OF LIFE And Repent And Be Baptized In Jesus CHRIST To Allow Receptive SEAL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
      A "True Discipl[IN]ed Priestly Minister of The ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK PRIEST[HOOD] Faith" Should Ought Have Had These WEBS (ZPCS.CO and MELCHIZEDEK.CO) Represented Knowledge (Minimal Degree) Before Entering The (or: Any) Divinely Called/Mission Field, Furthermore, And, Is Basic Fundamental Knowledge With Understanding (by which WISDOM Is Apprehended And Exercised And Extended).
      In Aid, Additionally, To Achieving The Accelerated Study of The Scriptures Holy Chapter by Chapter - Verse by Verse (within this imperfect world and imperfected copies of The Word Printed and imperfect men) [W]as/[I]s/[C]an be Found via [T]he SHEPHERD'S CHAPEL ...
      'ZPCS.CO and MELCHIZEDEK.CO' are not operated/existing in conjunction with [A]ny primarily informationally-study-sensible-proof/re-proof aids such as: SHEPHERD'S CHAPEL (nothing is perfect[ed] and the extent of knowledge is as also - but it provides the best available in Chapter by Chapter - Verse by Verse expounding(s) with[in] one anothers' learned accumulation(s) - as always man has his limitation(s) in comprehension(s) and the flesh is frail for in all things including best of intent(s) - so proof and re-proof all things (the Spirit Holy provides 'unction' into [O]ne for knowledge, understanding and wisdom by revelation straight from The Father beyond any of our tonged utterance(s) referred to as 'words by which communication is made (however primative)). Formulation of any words used (spoken and/or spelt) by any man is crappy at best - even these when put to The Lord's True meaning spoken and spelt way beyond any of mankinds ability or expectation(s) of and/or in comprehension(s)) ... [T]here [I]s [N]o [N]eed [T]o [D]uplicate/Covet/Steal/Slay/Destroy/Dishonor/Slander/Malign/Murmur-against [A]nother's G[ODLY] M[ISSION] - ESPECIALLY BY [A]ny [T]hat [C]laim [T]o [B]e In CHRIST Jesus. Those that Would and Do Are Observed And Prudently Noted For WHAT They Are To Give Warning To The naive and/or weak and/or susceptible, etc., etc.. ...there are many that have been "Prudently Noted" that are not in mention (do not act surprised when the 'abbhorent accepting the known wage of death' becomes plainly revealed in order to Watch Over and/or Keep and/or Protect THE MASTER SHEPHERDS FLOCK ... Discerned Righteous And Justified Correction/Admonishment/Chastisement/Judgment Begins At The Pulpit.


[JOHN 6:55-58 (ILB)]The For Flesh of M[E] Truly Is Food, And The Blood of M[E] True Is Drink. [H]e [P]artaking [O]f M[E] The Flesh And [D]rinking [O]f M[E] The Blood [I]n M[E] Abides, And I In [H]im. EVEN AS SENT M[E] THE LIVING FATHER, And I LIVE VIA THE FATHER, ALSO [H]e [P]artaking M[E], EVEN [T]hat [O]ne W[ILL] L[IVE] VIA M[E]. THIS I[S] T[HE] B[READ] WHICH OUT OF HEAVEN CAME DOWN, Not As Ate [T]he [F]athers of [Y]ou T[HE] M[ANNA], And Died; [H]e [P]artaking THIS - BREAD W[ILL] L[IVE] TO THE AGE.[ ]
Jimmy Swaggart Ministry(ies) (SBN: A Study In The Word 29DEC2017) groping and stumblingly blind talking-head(s) [just happened to (Truth: even the blind squirrel(s) finds a nut once and a while ...) have] mentioned inadvertantly: [JOHN 5:43 (ILB)]I Have Come IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER OF M[E], And Not you Receive M[E]; If another comes in - name the own, t[(T)]hat one you will receive.[(?)][ ]. YHVH'S IT IS (So ... Not Do Be [(UN)][In]Corporatively Copyright[ing][ly] And/0r Trademark[ing][ly] Sottish) THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK PRIEST[HOOD] (Ministry) not Bill Winston Ministry(ies) and/or Jimmy Swaggart Ministry(ies) and/or John Hagee Ministry(ies) and/or Kenneth Copeland Ministry(ies) and/or Wayne T. Jackson Ministry(ies) and/or etcs.. - DID/HAVE/WILL you GET THE POINT? NOW MY CHRIST Jesus's Soldier, Go - Take 'Point' ...

Not happy with what (the seven listed points) you got for free? ... Okay, I understand that you have been shod amplifyingly and/or internationally for hope in and enjoying everyday life in a really messed up World of masses. Network/Satellite/Cable/Digital TV Fake/False Pretense and/or Stealing Preachers (covers the range of the association(s)) to not believe anything that is free so (it cuts into the lucrativeness of the flim-flam man) ... That'll be $35,000,000,000,000,000.00USD (not including applicable tax(es) and/or shipping and handling costs, arrives in 6 to 12 weeks (if not lost in transit - like insurance on that)) and you'll get every penny's worth. Preacher(s) (and such so forth so-called akin) feeling better now having gotten The Response For A L[IFETIME]?
... Amazing How They always have more to give you ... They But run out of Time as they Babble On And Want you To Order or Send for a[nother] Book or DVD or Audio CD or etc., ... . R[ECONCILING] T[HE] W[ORD OF] GOD Is THE GIFT FROM ABOVE Already Paid For! THIEVES EVERY ONE OF Them False Pretense Preachers - Commercial (TYRE women with child/without oil virgins) Prostitutes ... 'Let [R]ebuke You H[E] T[HE] L[ORD].'.

[... JOHN ... 10:... 8-11 ... ... (AKJV)]... All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to killslay (slaughter for any purpose), and to destroy: I am come that they may have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. ...[ ]

... many gods
  ... for whom are you a guide;
  something quite [non-prestiditationally] cool

[2 THESSALONIANS 3:6-15 (ILB)]we enjoin And you, brothers, in the name of the Lord of us, Jesus Christ, to draw back you from every brother insubordinately walking, and not according to the tradition which you received from us. yourselves For, you know how it is right to imitate us, because not we were disorderly among you, nor (as) a gift bread ate from anyone, but by labor and toil night and day working for not to burden anyone of you; not that not we have the authority, but that ourselves an example we give to you for to imitate us. even For when we were with you, this we enjoined you - 'If anyone not desires to work, not let him eat.'. we hear (of) For some walking among you disorderly, nothing working, but working all about, and such we enjoin and exhort through the Lord of us, Jesus Christ, that with quietness working the of themselves bread they may eat. you And, brothers, do not lose heart (in) welldoing. if And any not obeys the word of us via the epistle, this one mark, and do not associate with him, that he be shamed; and not as an enemy esteem (him), but warn as a brother.[ ]

Bitterness is the harboured hurt hidden in the heart.

Being Loved Does Not Confer Acceptance - [MATTHEW 7:21 (ILB)]Not everyone; saying to M[E]: 'Lord, Lord.', Will Enter Into The TOTALITY OF CREATION; But [T]hose [D]oing THE WILL OF THE FATHER OF M[E] IN THE ABODE OF THE DIVINE.[ ]

[Written, Sometime Ago,] The ELSE Family:
A necessary task needed to be accomplished and EVERYBODY was sure that SOMEBODY would do it. As it was - ANYBODY could have stepped up and could have done it, but NOBODY proceeded forth and did it. SOMEBODY got angered about NOBODY doing that, because it was the responsibility of EVERYBODY. EVERYBODY conceived ANYBODY could have done it, but NOBODY actually realized that EVERYBODY wouldn't do it. All in all it ended up that EVERYBODY irresponsibly blamed SOMEBODY when NOBODY did that which ANYBODY could have accomplished and EVERYBODY should have.

There is no author attached to this, therefore it most likely was accomplished by none-other than NOBODY [being only a REVEALING SPIRIT],
  it is however conceivably derived from "The Responsibility Poem" by Charles Osgood [or vice versa].

  Like NOBODY ELSE, Our G[OD] Is. In [On] the Name[sake] of The Lord Jesus CHRIST, High Priest of Melchizedek Foreever and ever. ([Amen.]) I A-MAN.
... LUKE ... 18:...8... ... ...
  I Can Step In And I Can Step Out - Step In Step Out - Step In Step Out, SMILING, KNOWING [I A[M]] LOVE[D].
  That 'reason' which utters from the tongue originates from the belly (the spirited-mind of the [(un)]controlled flesh) as the life known dominates - how shallow the preachers as they speak the to recovery of the sight of the blind unto seeing (however dimly, at least some sight (hope)) CHRIST Jesus stumbling that they preach the Gospel of Good News to others when they actually cognitively dispossess the Truth they speak aloud of to themselves - and They have the REQUIRED STATE ORDAINED MINISTERED PSYCHOLOGY INSTRUCTION(S)/TEACHING(S)/DEGREE(S). Good Luck With Them.
  In the world there you are doing the same thing stepping in - over and over and over expecting a different result with each step over and over and over.

  ... if Operating In Daily And/Or Habitual Sin One Is Not Under G[RACE] ... Daily And/Or Habitual Sin Prove/Re-Prove Undesirable Vessel(s) UNDER REBELLION.
... Not Do Forget The "'Firstfruit' And 'Love'" of All Into [THE] MY STOREHOUSE ... In Assembly By Congregation Gather The "'Tithe' And 'Love' Offerings" of All And Place Before ME, A Righteous And Justified Distribution Pure And Undefiled - you [K]now FROM WHERE you ARE RECEIVING MY IMPARTED BLESSINGS - THERE IS AN ALWAYS MORE THAN WARM RECEPTION AWAITING FOR THE COLD ... Houston You Have A Problem ... The Comedian Preacher John Gray, Being Put Up To A Task, Is Destiny Door Mocking his - Joseph Larson Was Also (PSALM 106:... 37 ...). FAITH And BVOVN Can Not Even Hold To 's'ervice Program [Listing(s)] As Of Late. ... Who Of Them Can [O]ne [T]rust (Saying One Thing - Doing Another Into A rude Awakening (JAMES 4:[7, ]8[, 9-10]))? ... 14-17TEVET5778 ...
=> MARK 8:34-38 <=
=> => JAMES 3:1[-4]; LUKE 19:11-27 <= <=
As In The Ancient Days I Walked (JOHN 8:[... 30-33, ]34-51[, 52-58]) The Denominations Now Suffer From The[IR [TYRUS (Duh-GREED)]] Seminaries Via The[IR [TYRE (DEGREE)]] SCHOOLING AND UNIVERSITY[IES] - WORTHLESS Being flavorless-salt ([commercial[ized]] TYRE Offspring(s) - like steve 'who is' not-to-old) ... So Repent Now And Transgress Into SIN No More or are you to Prideful? Remember, I Heard l[L]ip-s[S]ervice '[Be]Fore...' And THE END Always Makes One Rather HOT[TER].
It is not an Issue of simply (meanly) Will, but, rather a [M]atter of "[M]ust" WILL. sots Liberal or Conservative and/or Left or Right Attorn[ey] Politician versus [Re]Presentative Statesman ... is it any wonder you are where you are and sottingly remain. ... Remain Worldly 'christian(s) (in the Scriptures Holy by men inferring (coined), Antioch (ACTS 11:26))' and never shall [Be]come '[S[AINT(S)]] of the nation(s) (in the Scriptures Holy [W[ITH]] REVEALED APOSTOLIC CREDIBILITY AND AUTHORITY)'. There are two types of 'christian': Antiochian and Thessalonican. Which are you?

Lion of Judah Wanted Fugitive Poster

II CORINTHIANS 13:11: 'perfection' and/or 'complete' and/or 'whole', etcs. is equivalent to 'maturity (like-in-kind-forms)'.
MARK 3:[23-30, ]31-35[, 4:1-20]. Poor lukewarm lost-wind-in-sail rodney and out-of-season re-used hanky, empty - to and fro Mark.
... So Get In[To] MY R[ECONCILING] W[ORD] With Dictionaries And Longsuffering & Exhausting Hours With Patience (Ponderance(s) And Wondrment(s)).
... By The Sweat Of [Y]our Brow ...

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BLESSED [T[HOSE]] TO THE SUPPER OF THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB HAVING BEEN CALLED. THESE WORDS TRUE OF THE ELOHIYM. In [On] the Name[sake] of The Lord Jesus CHRIST, High Priest of Melchizedek Foreever and ever. ([Amen.]) I A-MAN.