Father of us in the heavens, let be sanctified the name of You. Let come the kingdom of You; let be done the will of You, as in Heaven, also on the earth. The bread of us daily, give to us today, and forgive us the debts of us, as also we forgive the debtors of us. And not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil; because of You is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory to the ages. In [On] the Name[sake] of God's CHRIST, Jesus - the HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK FOREEVER AND EVER, ([Amen.]) I A-MAN.

And Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; and he was a priest to the God most high (GENESIS 14:18 (ILB)).

Greetings in the name of Our LORD and Sovereign (Our [God] Father who is in heaven, for Hallowed is HIS NAME.) through HIS Son (my Lord), Jesus - HIS CHRIST, and on HIS ACCOUNT I bid Each One, and All of You, that "Blessings attend Each One, and All of You, that the King of kings; being the HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK - FOREEVER AND EVER and the PRINCE OF PEACE, give Each One, and All of You, that PEACE which passes all mortal understanding (and wisdom) and when Each One [of All of You] has finished Their course (being of memorable, full, and rich days) before the LORD on earth may the KING OF GLORY welcome Each One, as They arrive, to HIS GLORIOUS KINGDOM in the name of HIS Son - Jesus; the High Priest of Melchizedek, [Amen.] I A-MAN.

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There were two men. Both men had extended their arms outward one day with hands open. In the sky appeared two birds. The birds descended, one bird to each man, as one bird lighted upon one each man's hand. Both men cherished the moment of such an event as it brought both men joy. After a time with the men (during their joy of such an event) one of the birds, in its nature, went to prepare for flight and one the man began to grasp the bird for a bit more time of the precious moment. During this time, also, the other man's tender moment of the bird in the hand began for flight, without hesitation the man gave a slight-lift to the hand to assist the bird to take flight - the bird did so and flew about him and the other man. The other man began to tighten his grip and the bird began to struggle - the man (cherishing the bird in his hand) still desired more joyful time with the bird and thinking if he could only hold this bird he would have more of the moment than the other man who had just let the bird go as he thought the moment extremely rare. The other man, meanwhile, was watching the bird, that left his hand, in flight about him - with a slight smile and a tear of immense joy pooling in his eyes (in which reflected


his brief cherished moment with the bird in hand), he truly loved the moment of such an event. The other man now seen the tear (which he perceived as sorrow of the bird lost to the other man) of the other man and began holding tightly the struggling bird in his hand. The man began to notice that the bird was no longer hardly struggling and to him it seemed the bird was becoming accustomed (domesticated) to his grasp. The other man seen that the bird he had not restrained was staying about him and the other man holding still the bird so he once again extended his hand and the bird once again took light upon it. The man was very pleased with such a return and the bird seemed at rest with him in his open hand. This man now looked over to the other man now holding a non-struggling bird in his clutched hand while stroking its head. The man holding on tightly had observed the actions of the other man and decided this is what I should do (let the bird take flight instead of holding on to it) as he seen the immense joy in the other man from such a return. The man then opened his hand and the bird was still. In his grasp the bird had perished and caused great sorrow for the man.

If you don't [K]now SOMETHING what Are You Doing Instructing?, what ... For WHOM Are You A Guide?, what ... Deliberate[ly] (or may be -', Desperate[ly], ') Seeking (Looking Towards) [RE]TYRE[MENT] NOW? ...Whitewash[ing] Will B[ECOME] A [R[AZE]], Your Choice.

[O]ne Is Never Trialed Beyond The Extent [O]ne Can Handle And I HAVE ALWAYS PROVIDED THE WAY OUT.
A-MUSING How The PARTNERED, ...Ahem, [so[tted]-called] Preaching Deceit Is Rampant. Brace [Y]ourselves!
  ... It's not like you weren't warned ... And I know that HIS COMMANDMENT IS ETERNAL LIFE; Therefore The THINGS I Speak, I Speak Just As The Father Has Told Me

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JEREMIAH 17:5 (i.e., [un]BalancedLiving (Esau)). Five Year Sunday school Wonder Plum[b]er(s): JEREMIAH (excerpts): [JEREMIAH ... 23:13-14 ... 29-35 ... (ILB)]... And among the prophets of the northern kingdom of Israel I Have Seen Frivolity, They Prophesied By Baal And Mislead MY People Israel. Also Among prophets Jerusalem's I Have Seen A Horrible Thing: "They Commit Adultery And Walk In Falsehood And Strengthen The Hand Of Evildoers, So That Not Does Return a man From His Evilness" - They Are To ME, All Of Them, Like Sodom And Her Inhabitants Like Gomorrah. ... Not Thus MY W[ORD] Like Fire, Says YHVH, And Like A Hammer Which Shatters A Rock? Therefore, Behold, I AM Against Th[os]e Prophets, Says YHWH, Who Without Fear Remove MY W[ORDS], Each Man From His [N]eighbor; Behold, I AM Against Th[os]e Prophets, Says YHWH, Who Use Their Tongue And Declare 'The LORD Says'. Behold, I AM Against Those Who Prophecy Visions False, Says YHWH, And Speak Of Them, And, Lead Astray MY People By Their Lies, And By, Their Frivolity; Yet I Not Did Send Them Nor Command Them And At All Not They Will Profit people This, Says YHWH. And When Shall Ask [Y]ou people This, Or, the prophet, Or, a priest, saying - 'What the burden of The LORD?' - Then [Y]ou Shall Say To them: "WHAT BURDEN?". I Will Abandon you, Declares YHWH, And the prophet, And, the priest, And, the people Who Shall say 'The Burden Of The LORD' I Will Even Punish man That And His House. So [Y]ou Shall Say Each [M]an To [H]is [C]ompanion, [A]sk Each [M]an [T]o [H]is [B]rother: "'What [H]ave [W]e [H]eard OF THE LORD?'., And, 'What H[AS] S[POKEN] THE LORD?'". ...[ ]..

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  A WITNESS[ING]: 01-06DEC2017: THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE (FOCUS: [ISAIAH 43:26] [P]ut M[E] [I]n [R]emembrance)
  (I [W]ait [T]o [S]ee [[A]gain] the escalating Haughtiness And Arrogance Of Any Of Them To Claim CredIT In 'DARKNESS' ... will a [Absolutely Naked] man rob God? ...

[2 THESSALONIANS 3:6-15 (ILB)]we enjoin And you, brothers, in the name of the Lord of us, Jesus Christ, to draw back you from every brother insubordinately walking, and not according to the concerned instruction(s) of everyday conduct which you received from us. yourselves For, you know how it is right to imitate us, because not we were disorderly among you, nor a gift bread ate from anyone, but by labor and toil night and day working for not to burden anyone of you; not that not we have the authority, but that ourselves an example we give to you for to imitate us. even For when we were with you, this we enjoined you - 'If anyone not desires to work, not let him eat.'. we hear For some walking among you disorderly, nothing working, but working all about, and such we enjoin and exhort through the Lord of us, Jesus Christ, that with quietness working the of themselves bread they may eat. you And, brothers, do not lose heart - act honorably, act uprightly. if And any not obeys the word of us via the epistle, this one mark, and do not associate with him, that he be shamed; and not as an enemy esteem, but warn as a brother.[ ]

The television pulpits (quick cash-to-us) are awash in lack of knowledge of even the basics of the Word The biggest problem facing the "Church" today is the 'hired shepherd' (those who don't know of the Bible other than the money-making-money-by giving-people-what-they-to-hear-(cause I don't know anthing spiritual to tell them anyway as I'm doing the least amount for the most amount of gain even at rxpense of my fellow man's eternal soul (which I don't care about anyway as long as I can get them to buy my book and put some ill-gotten-gain-money in my pocket so I can look like I'm a success in the profession I'm leading the people on to believe that I am of God and not revealing my true purpose (which isn't good business practice for a flim-flam-man)) fact that "if I write a book on something I don't know about but make it sound good with tales and stories and inject one or two scriptures to make it sound like I have it all together (backed up with my [commercially hyped marketing] television celebrity status that has been professionally groomed to give me a startling appearance under the lime-light(s)).
Let me let you in on an obvious, Flim-Flammers: The Word is to benefit everyone - which is why it is freely given. If you are charging for the I'm waiting to see another book from another perspective from of 'life in the world playing how to find Jesus' - The world chooses to know nothing about Jesus CHRIST so what are you doing buying another book from someone living in the world looking to make a dollar because they found out there are thousands like you that do not make any effort to open your own Bible and Read